Boda Operator

Wilburforce Menya, Uganda, 65 years

"I am a Boda Operator from Uganda - Boda means bicycle. It enables me to earn some money for my family. I transport loads for clients through Jinja and its surrounding at Lake Victoria. Therefore I have been cycling since 1975. I know how to repair my bike but from time to time I have to buy spare parts. I could not afford a new bike."


The bicycle is often a key tool for low income earners in rural areas like for Wilbuforce Menya but also for farmers to access markets. Because of the high prices they often cannot afford to buy a new bicycle. Instead of that the old one is repaired consistently.




Health Worker

Alungat Scolistika, Uganda, 46 years

“Hopefully there will be a bicycle ambulance the next time when she is having a baby. Walking would be too exhausting.”


Alungat is the first contact person in healthy questions. A few days before we met her, a young, pregnant woman called Jesca went from a small village in the Magoro sub-county to Alungat. The told her about her severe stomach ache. Alungat decided to bring her to the sub-county Health Care Centre where the mid-wife could have a closer look at her. Because they didn't have a transport opportunity they decided to walk the 15 kilometres by feet. On the way Jesca’s condition was getting worse.