Fix Your Bike Day


“For low income earners with bikes maintenance and repair skills still are a challenge”


Fix Your Bike Day in Uganda. The Event was organised by FABIO for the second time. Due to the fact that a good working bicycle can improve the quality of life, the objective of the event was to offer a facelift to rural bikes in order to enhance their visage. It took place in rural Iganga in the center of Uganda. A total of eight villages were contacted through radio advertising and letters.



Results: The day was outstanding: over one hundred bicycles were repaired that day. The planned number of visitors was tripled which actually became challenging for the FABIO team. Further local bike mechanics were hired for the day.

Résumé: The Fix your Bike Day is a brilliant idea for promoting cycling either in rural areas. However the next event was organised more structured in order to control the numbers and encourage ownership. A future plan is to also offer bike repair workshops in smaller groups.

Background: Over 80% of the Ugandan live in rural areas. Limited public transport services hence the need to either walk or cycle long distances in order to access services. A bike enables them to participate at the social live.